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Bette J Morris   (#9)   
Basic Information
Hagerstown, MD
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Bette J Morris RN, instructor
Buteyko Educator
12817 Litttle Elliott Dr

Apt 2

Hagerstown, MD  

Personal Information
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Symptoms & Conditions Focused On
Asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, hyperventilation
Training Locations
Hagerstown, Maryland
By request in western PA

Bette Morris  Hagerstown, MD 
Bette Morris is a registered nurse who has more than 40 years experience in various fields of nursing. Her main area of interest has been alternative therapy as she has seen too many people suffer from the side effects and expected results of regular medicine and felt there had to be a better way to help people. So in 1989 she began her quest for better ways to heal. Bette has studied many areas of alternative treatment including Reiki, healing touch, homeopathy, herbs, aromatherapy and flower essences. Each seemed to help certain problems but none was applicable to all illnesses. The one area that was not helped by any therapy was asthma. Bette has a daughter who had exercise asthma as a child. In the fall of 1999 she read an article by Dr. Paul Ameisen about Buteyko and felt that it was the answer to her daughter's asthma problem. She was offered the opportunity to go to New Zealand to study the Buteyko Breathing Method and teach for four weeks with the Starks. She went in February and March 2000 and saw dozens of people, young and old alike, go off their reliever and regular medications and feel wonderful. Her own sinus problem was completely cleared and she reversed her Sleep Apnea problem. Bette has worked in the teaching area of health since 1983. She taught student nurses at the local community college for a number of years and then gave that up to work with home health care which was her first love in nursing. She has also worked for the Red Cross teaching various health related courses. She  recently relocated to Hagerstown Maryland.

Bette J Morris, RN