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Our mission as Buteyko Educators is to establish and sustain Buteyko Breathing as a pillar of good health accessible to all.

Our goal is to increase awareness of the Buteyko Breathing Method and its benefits with education, stringent standards of training and additional clinical trials to further confirm its effectiveness.

Dr Mercola endorses the Buteyko Breathing Method! Read the article

Peter Kolb, one of the greatest supporters and friend of all Buteyko, passed away 11/21/13 in Australia. He will be sorely missed.

What Is The Buteyko Breathing Method?
The Buteyko Breathing Method is a powerful set of health-care guidelines and methodology for reversing over-breathing or hyperventilation.
It is a drug-free breathing re-education program which provides significant relief for those suffering symptoms from a variety of health conditions with a high probability of reduction or cessation of the continued need for various medications and machines addressing those symptoms.

Examples of health conditions which may be helped by the Buteyko Breathing Method include; Asthma, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Hyperventilation Syndrome, Hypertension, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Allergies, Headaches and Migraines, etc.

What Is The Buteyko Breathing Educators Association (BBEA)?

The BBEA is an association of Buteyko Educators committed to training people in the Buteyko Breathing Method. The members of BBEA are required to comply with rigorous teaching and standards as well as commit to on-going professional development. This will ensure that anyone who seeks help from a BBEA registered Educator receives the safest, highest quality service and results possible.

The Buteyko Breathing Educators Association at this point consists of about sixty members dedicated and fully trained Buteyko Educators in the United States, Canada and worldwide.

First Clinical Trials Of Buteyko In North America

In 2000, the son of a wealthy Alberta family traveled to New York to learn the Buteyko Method for severe asthma. The results were so spectacular that his parents approached the University of Calgary about funding a major research project on Buteyko. Their donation of one million dollars led to the first clinical trial in North America at the Foothills Hospital, Calgary.

Results showed:
- Good Asthma control had increased from 41% to 75%.
- Inhaled Cortico-steroids (ICS) reduction was 28%.
- Percentage of subjects who were able to eliminate ICS.
- 18% Percentage of subjects who eliminated the use of long-lasting relievers 19%.

" I've been astonished and also very pleased with the excellent result. There is no disruption of their life at all by their disease (due to Buteyko): normal activities; not waking at night; not needing to use any reliever medications. It's just great...75% control is about as good as anyone has got in any study of asthma. The neat thing about it is that it has no side effects. It's very safe. The Buteyko technique certainly has been shown to be an important adjunct to treatment."

Dr Robert Cowie, Chief Respirologist, Foothills Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary City TV, May 2006.

Typical clinical trial results is 70 - 95% reduction in asthma symptoms, 85 - 100% reduction in short term reliever medication, and 50% reduction steroid preventer medication.

NOTE: The British Medical Thoracic Society has approved the Buteyko Breathing Method as a standard treatment option for Doctors to use on people with Asthma. It has been proven to be highly effective treatment for Asthma.

Publications By Members and Supporters Of the BBEA

Members of the BBEA have produced some of the most detailed and popular publications on the Buteyko Breathing Method.

Jennifer and Russell Stark.
The Starks have been teaching Buteyko since the early 90's and are perhaps the most widely known Educators outside of Russia. They were the first to formalize the training of Buteyko Educators with a curriculum and high standards She wrote the first manual for Buteyko educators, produced an extremely successful Home Education Kit for people who do not have a Buteyko Educator nearby. They also wrote "The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome" (2002), a comprehensive book on the devastating effects of long-term low levels of carbon dioxide. The book is geared towards the lay person. Together they have many valuable insights into the power of this breathing technique.

Buteyko Educator Training In North America

Each year, there are a number of Buteyko Educator training courses held throughout the USA and Canada. Educator trainers include:
   - Chris Bauman from Canada
          Chris trained in New Zealand in 2000 with the BIBH.
   - Carol Baglia from Cleveland, Ohio
           Carol trained in Seattle, Washington in 2003
   - Sussanna Czeranko, ND from Portland, Oregon
           Sussanna trained in London, England in 2005
   - Hadas Golan from Boston, Massachusetts
           Hadas trained in Vancouver, BC in 2006
   - Robert Litman from Seattle, Washington
           Robert trained in New Zealand in 2003
   - Susan Neves from Indianapolis, Indiana
           Susan trained in Indianapolis in 1998
   - Roger Price from Clifton, NJ
           Roger trained in New Zealand in 2000

Member trainers who are outside of the USA include
    - Vladimir Buteyko, PhD (Russia), the son of Dr KP Buteyko
    - Natalia Baranovskaya, PhD, MD (Russia)
    - Tess Graham (Australia)
    - Jennifer Stark (Australia - retired)
    - Russell Stark (Australia - retired)
    - Fiamma Ferrarro, MD (Italy)
    - Marglit Noam 


The Buteyko Breathing Method is a medically researched and scientifically proven breath re-training method that reverses chronic hyperventilation or over-breathing.

Pictures From The 2nd Annual BBEA Conference - October 2010

Pictures From The 1st Annual BBEA Conference - October 2009